Category: Community


Drug and alcohol addiction are two of the most common ailments to affect adults and young adults alike, and the Salvation Army offers anti-addiction programs. There are half a dozen social program centers, as well as rehabilitation centers and help available. The army can help people from all walks of life struggling with addiction.

Youth work

Residential care is available for young children put into the foster care system. Community homes and adolescent centers are available for youths of all ages. Any child homeless can be helped to find a safe home, and there are also family support centers for families going through difficult times. Child protection issues are overseen by child protection officers, and the army helps with low-cost holidays for children.

Working with the Elderly

Older people can be especially lonely. Some have no family, some have lost their loved ones, and others are generally lonely. Getting the elderly back into the community can be so important, and the Salvation Army offers services for older people. There are lunch clubs, visitations to those who are lonely and don’t receive any visitors and have sheltered flats available for accommodation as well. It’s an ideal solution for older people who don’t have anyone to turn to in times of need, especially during the Christmas and festive period.

Disability work

The SAFE Program – the Salvation Army Fellowship of Endeavour –helps anyone living with a disability, and helps to create more interaction within the local community. This is open for care workers also who live or support someone with a disability. The work here can be extremely rewarding in many ways.

Disaster and emergency work

This is a major aspect for the Salvation Army and has worked collectively with emergencies and disasters affecting lives around the world. The army helps to offer relief in the form of food and first aid, bringing medical supplies to affected areas and other life-saving equipment. There are also emergency mobile units which are used throughout major disasters and incidents, both at home and abroad. The mobile units help during floods and fires, and even terrorist incidents.

Family Tracing Service

The Salvation Army offers a family tracing service which aims to find lost family members and to help sustain relations between families also. The service tries to reconnect people who have fallen out with one another over the years, or lost contact for whatever reason. The services try to reunite families and receive thousands of requests throughout the year. However, the success rate of the army’s tracing services is very high and extremely popular.